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For over 25 years we have been designing websites and graphics for hundreds of businesses and individuals throughout the United States and Europe. 11 Fingers Design is committed to developing long-term business relationships with our clients, getting to know our customers as people - not dollars. We are dedicated to understanding your business in order to create the right solutions for you. We know you have options for design firms. By giving the best customer service, we want to be your FIRST choice - for years to come.

We are passionate about providing exceptional service.

  • When you email, you'll get an answer quickly.
  • Call us and speak to a REAL person - not a menu.
  • Send us a web update and depend on us to get it done FAST.

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We solve puzzles.

Our specialty is putting together the right marketing pieces for each client.

We are a very “hands-on” company, and we love to help our clients solve their marketing “puzzles”. By working directly with clients in a transparent way, we strive to provide a clear understanding of very complex marketing problems and how to solve them. As a “DESIGN and BUILD” firm, we are uniquely qualified to provide complete solutions from concept to design to implementation and dependable ongoing support.

Read more about how we got here and where we are going.

  • ‘94
    In the beginning…

    NancyJeanette Long had been teaching art for years, but the increasing use of computer technology seemed to be opening entirely new worlds for art and design. When a friend asked her to design a website for his business, she replied, “I can do that!“and immediately began to learn everything she could about designing and programming websites. “It was simply exhilarating! I loved combining my background in design with mastering the technical skills for creating websites. Everyday presented a new “puzzle” to be solved, and I knew this was the right direction for me.”

  • ‘95
    A new company is born.

    Design Previews, Inc. was founded to create custom websites for small businesses. Our very first clients, Pam and Jere Hall signed up for Jerescyclecraft.com. (Thank you Pam and Jere for trusting us back then and for being our loyal client through the years!)

  • ‘97
    What’s 11 Fingers?

    Design Previews becomes 11 Fingers. Why? Well, in the early days of search engines, businesses were listed in alphabetical order – 11 Fingers came in near the top! Of course, as the internet continued to expand and search engines hit upon other strategies for providing search results, this strategy became obsolete, but, somehow, 11 Fingers just seemed to stick – easy to remember and relevant with our business model of having plenty of client input into every design project.

  • ‘99
    We can do more.

    11 Fingers expands to offer hosting and maintenance. Tired of trying to help clients move their websites from one unsatisfactory hosting solution to another, 11 Fingers began to offer hosting and maintenance solutions. Now it would be easy for a business to get everything they needed to get their website up and keep it current with just one call. Problem solved.

  • ‘01
    Bringing it all together.

    11 Fingers begins to offer graphic design services. We began providing our clients with a better way to get design continuity between web and print with a single contact solution providing a full spectrum of design services from corporate branding through print.

  • ‘04
    Sharing the vision.

    Nick Long, NancyJeanette’s son joins 11 Fingers. Nick’s extensive knowledge and experience in content management and ecommerce programming gives 11 Fingers clients new opportunities for growth.

  • ‘10
    Dependable: 24/7/365

    11 Fingers moves to dedicated servers for hosting and expands cloud, maintenance and technical support for clients. With more than 100 hosting and design clients, we needed to provide even better hosting opportunities for our clients to ensure website reliability and security. By partnering with an outstanding database center right here in the U.S.A., we found the right solution for expansion and keeping up with increasingly complex technology while maintaining our client’s hosting under 11 Fingers control and oversight.

  • ‘14
    More to offer

    11 Fingers develops a custom content management system. With expanding demand for in house content management, businesses needed something better than the typical open source content management systems. We developed a better software system that is more secure, easier to use and flexible, providing clients with a robust management system, logical organization and navigation. Busy clients need simple solutions.

  • ‘18
    2018 and beyond

    We are proud of our age. As one of the longest established design firms around, we have worked with over 400 clients on projects ranging from business cards to ecommerce websites. More than 95% of our clients have continued to use our services after their initial project.

    Our strength in solving marketing puzzles results directly from our passion for creative solutions and our team of experts to implement those solutions.

Do you have a puzzle? Let’s solve it together!

Together, NancyJeanette and Nick Long run their “family” business with a close eye on every project. “Regardless of the size of the project, we don’t believe in outsourcing any part of our client’s solution. We think every client, large or small, deserves to meet the owners and receive our personal attention to their unique business.