Website Support

Nothing drives customers away faster than a web site with out-of-date information.

We know you need fast, efficient, DEPENDABLE website updates. You can't wait three weeks for someone to change your office phone number or include the "daily special"!

Whether you want to update the information and add new content, or you need your website restored after a disaster, we are here with the right support options for your business.

No time to update your website? We have answers.

Updating and Maintenance

Every website needs updating, but every business situation is different. 11 Fingers will design a plan to provide you with the right amount of support to fit your needs - and your budget.

Website Rescue

It happens. . . Your "web guy" goes out of business. Your free-lancer got a new job and stops answering your calls. You paid for work that was never completed or was completed poorly.

Although we haven't worked with every platform out there, with more than 25 years in business we have worked with most of them. 11 Fingers can be your partner in developing a strategy that will let you move forward and get your stranded web project off the rocks and running smoothly.

Do Not Panic.

We have answers.