Search Engine Optimization

As with any marketing, SEO is an ongoing process of building your brand, controlling your investment, and generating customer awareness. It is not a "one-time set and forget" project. Every business can benefit from an organized, on-going plan to spread the word about the website.

So, what is a good SEO strategy?

Good SEO starts with the website build. Instead of packing your site with useless key words, 11 Fingers builds websites that are designed from the ground up to provide great user experience AND to perform well in search engine results over time. Our developers are up to date with the latest valid SEO practices as outlined by Google and have the skills to help boost your site's positioning in organic search traffic. Everything is INCLUDED in your website build at no extra charge. We'll set up analytics, research competitor key words and help you develop a strategy that gets results. Once your site is live, we can help you find additional resources when you need them.

What if I already have a website? We offer a complete SEO service package to help you bring your current website up to today's best standards. As part of our SEO service package, 11 Fingers will provide you with a full report including suggestions for improving your on-page SEO, UI/UX improvements as well as any technical issues or site vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. We'll show you what you are doing well and what you should be doing to push your business higher in search results.

You'll receive a digital report detailing the current state of your website, along with itemized, page-by-page recommendations. If major changes are needed, we'll include an estimate for making your website compliant with today's best practices and standards.

Keep in mind that things change very quickly on the web and what was working 6 months ago may not be working today. A good SEO strategy includes a plan to keep up with the latest information and changes out there. That's why we recommend a full site audit twice a year to ensure that your website is up to date with the latest developments in web technology.

Underneath all the beautiful graphics and animations of your website is a dark and tangled world where the search engine bots that should be ranking your site are getting lost. Our website audit will start with a thorough and comprehensive review of your website content and code to identify potential problem areas.

A comprehensive site audit is designed to quantify current website performance and to identify and prioritize areas that need improvement. Our experienced analysts will look not only at the user experience but also at the code behind the scenes to catch any security holes or vulnerabilities that may not be immediately obvious to a casual visitor. A website audit includes a full inventory of all content on your website and a web traffic analysis to determine what should be kept as is, what to improve, and what to remove or consolidate.

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