Logo & Graphic Design

To create the RIGHT logo for your business, the logo designer must know fonts and color schemes, be familiar with shape psychology, and have an understanding of your company that will allow him to blend creativity with respect for the heritage of your business.

A great logo is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to reinforce a trustworthy brand identity with "sticking power" to lift your business above the competition. Your logo should be simple ... memorable ... and versatile enough to be used on everything from postage stamps to billboards.

Most importantly, your logo should be faithful to your brand's core message.

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How does 11 Fingers create a logo?

AmuBagu: Elegant Simplicity

Amu Bagu makes handmade evening bags from antique kimonos. The bags are based on an old Japanese pattern, designed to hang from the wrist in a comfortable hands-free manner. They needed a logo to use for stitched labels as well as printed materials and website.

Emphasis: elegant, simplicity, Japanese heritage, legibility

The logo was created to showcase the company name in a simplified format to be easily read by the American customer. Since the design was to be used in small sizes and for stitchery, legibility at small sizes was an important element. The addition of the abstracted Koi fish emphasized the Japanese heritage and created a soft flowing movement.

Colors: The Koi fish oranges were a natural fit. The black silk of each evening bag was contrasted with white for legibility and the color scheme was established.

Colors of Portugal: Traditional Quality

As a distributer of ceramics and porcelain products made in Portugal, the company sold and shipped worldwide to both retail and wholesale buyers. The pottery and tableware features hand painted designs in a range of motifs from traditional to modern. As the company expanded, they needed a new logo that demonstrated their increasing modern product line.

Emphasis: tradition with a modern flare

The logo was created with a serif font to focus on the long tradition of quality ceramics from Portugal. An addition of a graceful icon which would be instantly recognizable and could be used independently, completed the logo - achieving the melding of modern and tradition which characterized the company.

Colors: A simple black and white logo needed only a small area of color to complete the identity.

eStatus: Fast, Efficient, Modern

eStatus is a web-based claim-status reporting application. They needed a logo for its website and peripherals that would illustrate the efficiency-based focus of the company.

Emphasis: innovative, modern, streamlined technology

We chose a bright green for the main logo color as a reference to efficiency. The circle was added around the E to emphasis the online nature of the product. Grays were chosen over blacks with a nod to sophistication and innovation. The font chosen is simple and legible. Adding the horizontal line give a unique character to the logo while referencing forward motion and streamlining.

Colors: Brilliant yellow green, medium gray and dark gray

Assembly Yards Master Association

Emphasis: innovative, informative, unified

The Assembly Master Association needed a website to showcase the businesses located in the Assembly Yards which is a repurposed development of an old GM auto plant in Atlanta. They wanted new and existing member businesses to have one place to go for information on lease, regulations, opportunities, and news. They needed a logo to coordinate with the main Assembly Yards branding, but something that would stand out for their members and reference the history of their location.

To reference the primary logo of the development, we used the same font and color palette as the original. We combined the crossroads element of the original logo with a stylized “gear” to reference the history of the location, nestling the gear within the strong cross elements to project the idea of unity. As an additional recognition factor, we slanted the crossroads to reference a capital A.

Colors: Using the primary colors of the Assembly Yard branding guide, we chose shades of red, yellow, and blue.

Dora Leigh: Fresh and Fun

Dora Leigh’s Gourmet Salsas contacted us about creating a logo that would work well for her new salsa products. The image they were looking for something playful and yet professional to use on labels and other printed sales materials.

Emphasis: happy, innovative, unique, clean

The products themselves called for images of red peppers as the focus. We created a loose pepper drawing and let the color pop beyond the borders — using the idea of dots and drops to give the logo an informal feeling while keeping the focus on clean, good food. The playful script for the name completed the fresh and fun look.

Colors: Keeping the number of colors low, we created a logo with red, using black or white as a contrast, depending upon the background.

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