Custom Applications

More than a pretty website...

We create simple tools for the tasks your business needs. Do you need live data monitoring from an Internet of Things project or quick calculations for changing inventory and pricing for your ecommerce solution? What about transcribing technology or a custom chatroom with white board? Whatever your business needs, a custom interface will make your job easier.

  • Author packages with audio transcribing technology
  • Internet of Things transmission and reporting
  • Specialty product options for ecommerce solutions
  • Individual website management controls for large organizations
  • Custom tutoring chat with video and whiteboard options
  • Multi-level membership portals
  • Custom file management
  • Custom newsletter publication
  • Multi-language product management
  • You dream it . . . we make it work!
Can I have . . .
  • a website that promotes my books in English, French, and German
  • a storefront where I can set different prices for different member groups
  • an interface to help me with transcription
  • an easy way to put up announcements
  • a content management system that works for me
  • a private intranet for my employees
  • a way to connect my website to my DropBox
Yes, you can! 11 Fingers has been catching flying pigs for clients for over 25 years.
Whether you need a customized storefront, a database reporting system – or, well, just about anything you can think of – we are ready to create a website application that works for your business.

Ask the experts . . .

  • All of your websites are designed from the ground up so what are custom applications and why would I need one?
    Custom programmed solutions add functionality to your website. Perhaps you want in-house updating controls or an application for online tutoring or maybe you need multi-language support for your storefront. Your custom web specialist will discuss your business needs and suggest options for streamlining your business workflow. We are committed to finding the right solution for you. We can research existing applications to find options that fit your budget and offer customized integrations to tie everything together. AND…if nothing is quite the right fit? We can build your application from scratch to meet your unique situation.
  • There are a lot of template web builders out there. What makes 11 Fingers better?
    You will have a dedicated specialist who understands business AND web programming. Every part of your application is rigorously controlled in-house, and your web specialist team knows how every line of code works for you. Every bit of code is examined and tested for vulnerabilities. Our websites do not rely on third party “plugins” that can add security risks. You will not be dependent on downloading “updates” or third-party plugins that break, slow down your site, or might be abandoned by the developer.
  • Isn’t a custom website just for organizations with a big project budget?
    Not at all! Why settle for someone else’s idea of your business needs? Your web specialist will help you define your goals and determine your best options. We can research existing applications to find the best solution to fit your budget. With the right custom applications, your business can have the right website on time and within your budget.
  • How can a custom website help me take control of my business?
    Our custom programmed websites offer more than pretty designs. With a custom website we are able to offer customized integrations and solutions that will tie everything together and make your everyday administrative tasks more efficient. Your website administrator interface will have exactly the options you need and no “bloat” for things that don’t fit your unique business. Rather than try to keep up with several different systems, you will be able to control most of your business tasks with one simplified interface - log in...logout...done.
  • So, what happens once the custom system is built?
    While we really want to keep you as a customer, our website programming is complete with nothing hidden or proprietary. We build everything with industry standard code and your entire site belongs to your business. Should you decide to move to another service, you will receive the entire source code for your application.

    We’re here for the long term. Your development team is going to be around for your business growth. When your needs change, your team will know how your application works and how to update it to serve you.

Manage your website . . . NOT your technology.

You want to control your web content in-house, but you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out software that's not quite right for your business with too many or not enough options.

Although we work with a variety of different content management platforms and templates for our support clients, in many cases we recommend a custom content management system.

Why go custom?

With our content management system, you have exactly the control you want, without a page full of confusing options that you don't use. The administrator interface is intuitive, self-explanatory, efficient - and RELIABLE

Because we understand that you want to get in, change your content, and get back to work, your website content management system (CMS11) is built to your specifications - nothing to download or install - and free from software downloads of external "updates" to slow you down. Your web control panel will work from any computer, all the time, consistently from year to year, and it can be expanded as your business grows.

Are you looking for document folders, departmental pages, calendars, or other special task editors? Just tell us what you need and let us build exactly the right set of controls for your individual business. Of course, if your needs change, we can work with that, too! Everything we build is modular and expandable to serve your unique business as it grows.

See how easy your website management can be.

Get the right solution for your business.

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