Pay Per Click Marketing

When organic search traffic is not enough.

You have a strong site, optimized for search engines. You're active in social media or the online publications in your industry. Your site content is relevent, fresh and is attracting links from other sites.

But you want more. It's time for a paid advertising strategy.

You need an online marketing team with the experience to turn your analytic data into an actionable strategy that not only attracts more visitors to your site, but converts visitors to customers and customers to loyal clients.

How PPC can fit into your digital marketing strategy

Pay Per Click advertising can be an extremely effective strategy to boost your web traffic from search, but paying a premium for each visitor can cause your advertising budget to quickly spiral out of control. 11 Fingers can advise you on the best way to use your advertising budget by researching under-market key words for your industry, creating targeted short-term ad campaigns and using remarketing focused advertisements to turn clicks into customers.

11 Fingers will also manage your PPC campaigns to make sure that they continue to be effective. This involves a regular analysis of your click to conversion metrics, and making adjustments to optimize your campaign by:

  • Adding New Keywords: As your researched keyword list expands, we'll add more keywords to your PPC ad campaigns to reach a more targeted audience.
  • Adding Negative Keywords: Your analytics will show some keywords lead to conversions and others don't. We can add non-converting terms as negative keywords to reduce wasted expenditures.
  • Reviewing PPC Keywords: High cost keywords may not always generate the best ROI in terms of conversions. Pruning these out of your lists will make your campaign more cost-efficient.
  • Refining Site Content and Landing Pages: Your PPC ad campaign doesn't exist in a vacuum. We'll help create new landing pages and new content to align with individual search queries and boost conversion rates.

Keyword Research + Competitive Analysis
. . . Strategic Advertising 11 Fingers can help you get the most from your Pay Per Click investment

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