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How will people find your website?

Web Design & SEO You need a partner that understands the business.

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11 Fingers builds websites that are designed both to provide great user experience AND to perform well in search engine results. Our developers are up to date with the latest valid SEO practices as outlined by Google and have the skills to help boost your site's positioning in organic search traffic. We'll set up analytics, research competitor key words and help you develop a strategy that gets results.

Whether you are looking for improvements in your current search engine strategy or are starting a new venture, we have answers.

A good SEO strategy is not "including lots of words to help me rank higher." As with any marketing, it is an ongoing process of building your brand, controlling your investment, and generating customer awareness. It is also not a "one-time" project. Each of these tasks will need to be done again and again as your website grows and your market changes.