How Small Businesses Can Boost Web-Based Projects

Rebranding can point you in the right direction

Guest Post by: Chelsea Lamb,

Many small businesses these days are either web-based or have a variety of web-based projects, and there are so many details to consider when it comes to making this aspect of your business a success that it can be overwhelming. From making sure your web pages load correctly and are easy to navigate, to making your site more accessible for all customers, there are many ways you can boost your business. But how do you handle all these changes and implement them in a meaningful way without spending a ton of money?

One way you can ensure the job gets done right by hiring the right freelancers to tackle upgrades. First, think about which tasks to prioritize and then get organized. Take a look at your website and make notes about what kinds of changes will give it a boost, then move on to finding the right person to do it. The right candidate will have experience but will also value communication.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to boost your web-based projects successfully.

Make sure your site is the best it can be

These days, every website should be engaging and effectively allow customers to find what they need and navigate easily through the pages. If you aren’t comfortable with using an off-the-shelf website that you design yourself, think about hiring experts like 11 Fingers who can help you create a strong design concept and build intuitive structure and functionality. You can also hire AWS freelancers to build cloud storage solutions into your website. When hiring web professionals, take a look at their portfolio and get familiar with the aspects of their work.

Make your site accessible

You have all kinds of customers, so it’s important to think about how you can make your site as accessible as possible for them. Some individuals with disabilities aren’t able to utilize video content on websites to their advantage, so think of how you can boost your content accessibility for them. Adding captions is a great way to accommodate hearing-impaired customers, and you can hire a caption service to take care of the details.

Make it easy to understand

Your company’s website should be easy to understand and search; it should make sense to your customers so they can find what they need without any issues. Streamline each page of your site’s layout and figure out the order of importance in terms of content. The first page should tell your customers what you’re about, what you sell, and what they can expect from your company. Look through the site to make sure it makes sense, and spruce up each page with videos and images that will help your customers see the benefits of your content.

Develop good SEO practices

Even if your business isn’t 100 percent online, you can definitely benefit from learning more about SEO, which basically helps your website stay at the top of search engine results. If customers can easily find you in relation to their needs, they’ll be much more likely to give you their business.

When it comes to web-based projects, it’s important to make sure you have a good plan in place for implementing them. Take a look at your website, view your search ranking on big sites like Google, and learn more about analytics so you can see who is searching for you and how often they visit your page. This will help you market to the right people at the right time.